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What is Visuki?

We are a group with one dream: create more and more otome games! Because we love them! We started as a way to give the spanish people the opportunity to play this kind of games in our language, because it's difficult to get this games in spanish. But as we started to grown little by little and because many people ask us, we are translating our games to english so it's make easy for anybody to play.

We are passionate about what we do and we are specialized in our areas. We want to create romantic stories that all the fans of this kind of games, can enjoy.

Thank you very much for your visit and we hope you can accompany us to improve and learn day by day. Because every dream begins with small steps... and when this steps are made with passion and love, they create a beautiful tour :)

What are Otome games?

They are romantic visual novels where the player became the protagonist and, according to a series of decisions that are taken in the history, decides which end it will have to that story. Oriented mainly to the female audience, this games have stories where romance is the central theme.

Take control of the story! You can play several times and live the same story from different angles. What better for a fan of romantic stories?

Our team is conformed by:


Illustrator, Graphic / Web Designer, Writer and Programmer.

I love drawing and I love romantic stories, especially the shojo genre. I've been dreaming about this project for a while. For me, it's means that i can do everything that i know and like in something I always enjoyed playing and drawing. I wish you can have as much fun as I enjoy doing them!


Community Manager / Editor

I am a curious person by nature. I like to investigate and to know. I love writing, editing and experimenting with social media. I am also a constant follower of the anime series. Being part of this project is a challenge, and I am excited to see it grow.



I've been trying to approach video game programming for some years, but with HM it's the first time I've posted anything! So you know, if you want to talk about video games or have some mistake, you can always leave me a message.



My art: Programming. But considering that i am a programmer since 2005, with Visuki is the first time that something programmed by me is released to the people. So you know, if you want that some special combination of keys give you a smut version of the characters. Tell me. But don't say it to anyone.

Siru Boom

Illustrator, Motion Graphic and 3D

Drawing is the most beautiful thing in the world. I'm interested in creating comics and video games.



I love music, always. I learned to appreciate it since I was a boy, and to get excited and enjoy it. For some years I have been writing music and I have great expectations with this project.


Assistant Writer. Ex-Member.

I'm passionate about writing. I write as much terror as romantic, although I usually write more romantic. I love anything that is romantic, especially the manga shojos. Being able to be part of the group as a writer is an opportunity I have to share how much I love writing and combine it with the kind of game I love to play.